What're we waitin' on?


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This is my own little version of the great Woody Guthrie's classic.
Featuring my grandfather Al West in the intro and outro, discussing his experience as a young man in WWII. I had a lot of fun making this one!


There was a great and a bloody fight 'round the whole world that’s right!
And the battle, the bombs and shrapnel reigned
Hitler told the world around he would tear our union down
But our union broke them slavery chains
Our union it broke them slavery chains

Woody hiked up the blue ridge in the middle of the sky
He could see every farm, mine, and town
He could see all the people in this whole wide world
Knew our union would tear old Hitler down
That was the union that’d the fascists down

When he thought of the workers and the ships going down
While the Russians fought on across the dawn
There was London in ruins and Paris in chains
He asked "Good people, what are we waiting on?"
"Good people, what are we waiting on?"

Yes, he thanked the Soviets and the mighty Chinese vets
Allies the whole wide world around
To the British, he gave thanks, offered ten million Yanks
If it took 'em to tear the fascists down
If it took 'em to tear the fascists down

Now it’s 100 years later, and they’re at it again
‘Cept this time they’re running the USA
So from the tip of Appalachia down to San Francisco bay,
I beg you, join in and fight a long
Yunz come on, it’s time this battle’s won

Poor folks have gotta come together, We’ve gotta HOLD STRONG,
I ain’t your enemy and you ain’t mine.
My friends pay attention, it ain’t never been so clear,
They’re afraid of us fighting as one
They know that they’re time has come.

When I think of the transfolk and how we’ve let them down,
and folks of color, killed by the law
There’s billions of us and a few thousand of them
Good people, what are we waiting on?
Good people what are we waiting on?

Yes I thank the socialists, and cornbread communists
Poor people the whole wide world around,
To the worker’s abroad, y’all come join along
We’ll fight hard and tear these fascists down
Let’s go on and and tear these fascists down!


Woody Guthrie, Albert Norman West, The Soviets & Might Chinese vets.




RED SOUTH Richmond, Virginia

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